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what does it mean to be gluten free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free and soy free?

We understand the need to feel comfortable in your choices of what to eat, so what does this mean to us?

  1. None of the ingredients used in our products are or contain gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts or soy.

  2. All of our products are made in our brand-new dedicated commercial kitchen on our brand new equipment. Other than water, no outside food or beverages enter our facility.

  3. We source our ingredients from suppliers who can confirm that the products we are purchasing are free of those allergens.  We make sure that all of those ingredients are either produced on dedicated lines free of those allergens, at dedicated facilities free of those allergens, or certify that there is no possibility of cross contamination.  The only exception to this is that our non-gmo canola oil is produced on the same line as highly refined soybean oil.  This supplier provides the following statement: “Highly refined edible oils are the result of processing that involves de-gumming, neutralizing, bleaching, and deodorizing extracted oils.  A benefit of refining edible oils is that the process renders them virtually free of allergenic proteins according to the Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils.  Scientific Studies indicate that refined edible oils are safe for the food-allergic population to consume."  We have independently confirmed the veracity of this statement with multiple allergists; however, each customer needs to make their own decision.

what about sesame?

We do not use any sesame ingredients in our products or in our facility. Because sesame is not a major allergen, it was more difficult to obtain information from our ingredient suppliers regarding sesame. With that being said, all of our ingredient suppliers have confirmed that our ingredients are processed on a line free of sesame or at a facility free of sesame. The only exception to this is our spice supplier (cinnamon, cream of tartar and nutmeg) who state that their facility does purchase and sell sesame, but that they have an allergen protocol in place to ensure there is no cross contamination.

What about corn?

  1. Like most baking powders, the baking powder we use contains corn in the ingredients.  Our sugar and snickerdoodle bites both contain baking powder. The confectioner's sugar we use also contains corn starch as an ingredient. Additionally, because baking powder is used in our facility, we cannot guarantee that all products are free from cross contamination with corn.  Each customer with a corn allergy needs to make their own decision as to whether to consume our products. 

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actually hard to believe that they're free of the major allergens