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how FOMO became a reality from a dream two sisters shared

Lauren and Brittany, two sisters, and former attorneys, have spent the vast majority of their lives unable to eat desserts because of dietary restrictions. Brittany has celiac disease and Lauren has EOE. Because of these restrictions, Lauren and Brittany spent countless holidays, birthdays and special occasions missing out on delicious desserts that everyone else was able to enjoy. When they would try to eat desserts that were labeled as “safe”, they would often get sick because of hidden ingredients or cross-contamination.

Today the marketplace is filled with vegan friendly treats or with gluten free treats, but there is very little that was fresh-baked, delicious and safely enjoyable for both of us. While companies have been and continue to address a number of the most common allergies, many of these desserts are made in shared communal kitchens, and we were unable to enjoy them without the fear of getting sick because of cross-contamination. We believed that there had to be a fun and delicious dessert that could address all of our allergies – and with that FOMO Baking Co. was created. We have spent countless hours baking and perfecting our cookie cake, cookie bite and brownie bite recipes – to make sure they are absolutely delicious! 

We created FOMO Baking Co. to be a safe space where people, like us and so many others, suffering from allergies and other food intolerances could safely enjoy a fun and delicious dessert – and no longer have the Fear Of Missing Out. We have built a brand new and state of the art allergen free kitchen from scratch so that everyone who enjoys FOMO Baking Co. products knows that they can do so without the fear of reacting. Place your order today, or send a sweet treat to someone you love and make sure they don’t miss out anymore!

FOMO Baking Co.
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